Friday, June 12, 2015

For Best Results: Ignore Traditional Astrology Rules

It never fails that traditional astrologers keep on parroting the same old horary rules that will guarantee you won't be able to read a chart accurately.

Here's a recent trope I came across written by one of Hamaker-Zondag's students:

1. Formulate the question so that you can get a yes or no answer 

2. Asc in the first 3 degrees: question is too early (horary can not be interpreted) 

3. Asc in the last 3 degrees: question is too late (horary can not be interpreted) 

4. Moon void of course = Moon makes no more aspects before leaving the sign he is in: nothing happens (horary can not be interpreted) 

Well, life isn't black and white or yes/no, so horary questions don't have to be, either. And of course a horary can still be interpreted with void Moons and late/early ASCs. Why these people think the charts will automatically stop working if these strictures are present is ridiculous. Either all horary charts can be read, or none can be read. Period.

It's all just a parroting of ancient dogma. And the more it fails, the more people repeat it and believe it.

Don't take my word for it--here's proof: Below is a chart with a void Moon and very late ASC. Guess what? It described the situation perfectly:

The querent was having housing issues. Late 29 degree ASC is via combust, showing the upsetting situation. But it shows also that the situation IS ABOUT TO CHANGE from Libra (strong Venus in the 9th) to Scorpio (Pluto retrograde in the 3rd). This means the situation will be changing from okay (Libra/Venus benefic) to bad (Pluto retrograde/malefic). The void of course Moon shows the querent can't really do anything about the matter; it's the end of that phase of the issue.

So what was the querent told? That bad news was on the way (Pluto Rx in the 3rd house, with Saturn Rx at a critical degree ruling the 3rd house) that they could do nothing about (void Moon). Simple, huh?

But wait, there's more. What KIND of bad news?

ASC ruler Venus is in the 9th house of legal issues, with the void Moon ruling the 9th. Within two hours of the chart being cast, the querent was served with an eviction notice. Upsetting news (Uranus ruling 4th house cusp of home) to say the least.

But wait--can that Venus sextile to the stationing direct Mercury in rulership help? You bet. The eviction notice was invalid because it didn't follow state law. So the eviction was null and void before it ever got to the querent, and the landlord has to start all over again because their case literally went up in flames (Mars combust Sun dispositing an RX Mercury; Saturn retrograde ruling the landlord's derived 9th house of legal documents).

So the querent got bad news, but the good news is the written bad news was flawed, and so there was no need to do anything about the issue because the papers were invalid (void Moon).

So, would you rather consult with a modern astrologer who can tell you all of that? Or would you prefer to be sent away by the dogma of tradition, by being told your chart can't be read and to ask again in six months? It's a no brainer: IGNORE TRADITIONAL RULES AND LOOK AT THE REALITY OF THE SITUATION.