Saturday, September 7, 2013

You Can't Put the Cart Before the Horse in Life or in Horary Astrology

If an acquaintance approached you and asked, "What kind of mansion will I buy after I win the lottery?", you'd tell the person to stop talking nonsense. After all, would a naked man worry about where to put his clothes if he decides to take a bath?

Of course not.

Unfortunately, there is a misconception about horary astrology thatalmost Santa Claus-likecertain configurations mean a "yes" answer, and can make things happen that don't have the foundation first that is needed to even be remotely possible. It's as if horary offers the promise of "someday." The truth is that astrology can only work and deliver a reliable answer within the framework of the reality of the situation, or the person's life. It can't make magic happen.

An example is the chart below. A woman who hasn't dated in years is now exploring the online scene, and failing abysmally. She asked the horary question, "When and where will I meet my future husband?"

Uranus is retrograde in the 7th, ruling the 5th, with Neptune retrograde in the 5th in Pisces. She's dreaming. There's no one there currently, or on the horizon even, who is going to be in a relationship with her. So wondering about marriage is premature to say the least. 

You can't hate your boss if you don't have a job. You can't get the job you want if you don't first apply for it. You can't get married if you aren't even in a relationship. You can't get alimony if you haven't filed for divorce yet. You can't publish a book if it hasn't even been written yet.

So you can't put the cart before the horse in astrology, because you can't do that in real life, which is all the chart is a reflection of.