Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Brief "Big Picture" Update on the Uranus-Pluto Square As T-Squared by Jupiter

With Jupiter now T-squaring the Uranus-Pluto square, a reminder of the BIG picture:
"The masses are in the grip of the religious leaders, of the political leaders. And these people don't want any change to happen because every change means a danger to the status quo, a danger to the establishment. Any change is going to bring other changes, and they will have to adjust to those changes. Who knows - are those adjustments going to be favorable to them, or unfavorable? Life for those leaders of the establishment is so comfortable and so luxurious it is better that everything remains the same."
"But now the situation is totally different. The establishment itself has brought the situation of an ultimate change - either life or death. And the choice is such that I don't think anybody is going to choose death." 
"If people choose life, they will have to choose life values. Then the old renunciation of religions will become out-of-date; saintliness will have to find new dimensions. Then poets and painters, singers and dancers will be the saints. Then meditators, the enlightened people, the more conscious and awakened people will be the sages."
"We are coming close to a tremendous transformation, and we are going to see it in our own lives - something so rare and unique which has never happened before, and will never happen again."
"You should feel fortunate, blessed, to see the great transformation of all the old values, of all the old ideals; to see the birth of new values, new ideals, new categories of honor and respectability."
-- Osho, from The Rebel, "Herald A New Dawn"

Don't worry, it will all make sense when Pluto is in Pisces.