Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Saturn-Pluto Mutual Reception Only Strengthens Plutocracy—And It's Only Going to Get Meaner

Saturn, currently retrograde at 10 degrees Scorpio, is still in the Via Combust zone (15 Libra to 15 Scorpio), which brings out the worst of Pluto and Scorpio (namely, plutocrats love to spend your taxpayer dollars, and their tax evasion is largely ignored). Saturn will leave the Via Combust zone in late November of this year.

The Saturn-Pluto mutual reception is simply overpowering the Uranus-Pluto square grossly in favor of Pluto, much like a 2-on-1 barroom brawl (and with essentially the same results). Someone's going to get hurt really, really bad, and it's not Saturn or Pluto.

Therefore, Uranus needs help, bigtime, to gain a foothold against The Establishment. And it's going to get it in two ways:

1) Just before Christmas in December 2014, Saturn enters Sagittarius, which is a horrible place for Saturn to be, especially after all the fun and games with the Mutual Reception. Jupiter, which will be in Leo, will be within 4 degrees of a square with Saturn in Scorpio for most of the Fall of 2014, as well as trining Uranus much of that time. The trine will be separating, and the square doesn't perfect before Saturn ingresses into Sadge. But Jupiter will be retrograde during the ingress, so progress will fall apart, and Saturn's dispositor will mitigate much hope of change or reform. Any gains at that point will be stalled and put on hold.

2) Uranus will conjoin Eris in early June 2016 at 23 Aries, forming a T-square  to the US Pluto-Mercury opposition in the Sibley horoscope of  the USA (7/4/1776, Philadelphia,  PA, 5:10 pm—see below). The transiting Uranus-Eris conjunction within three degress of the US natal Chiron will quincunx the US natal Neptune. The outlet leg for the T-square will be in the 10th house. Translation: The problems at home will be too big and troublesome for the government to ignore any longer, and the fight will be on for economic justice. The wounds of the people will be too deep to ignore.

Saturn in Sadge will put a HUGE damper on all the excess the plutocrats have been hoarding for themselves. Note that this occurs one month after the midterm elections.

So where is all that promise of revolution the Uranus-Pluto square was touted as being the harbinger of? Why haven't the masses, enjoying their escapist comas of movies, television, booze and drugs (thanks to Neptune in Pisces), gotten mad as hell, refusing to take it anymore, and poured out onto the streets in rage and revolution? 

As Bill Herbst pointed out in his November 2011 newsletter
"So, during the nine months from  September 2011 through May 2012,  we  are betwixt and between, moving steadily away from denial and toward  the reckoning with breakdown and revolution"" Herbst continues. ""No, this is not “critical mass” yet---that doesn’t  initially occur until  June 2012, and then amplifies,  morphs, and shifts over the three years  that will follow, until it  reaches tidal wave proportions  around the globe  by 2016."
Find out more next month when I post, "Look Out America--Eris is Coming!"  Part 1 of 3: A Look KBOs and the Eris-Uranus Conjunction Square Pluto in the USA Sibley Chart Now and In 2016.