Sunday, January 13, 2013

In Horary & Event Charts, the Void-of-Course Moon Can Be Overcome By Other Factors In the Chart: Two Employment Event Charts

The querent had two job interviews lined up on consecutive days. Both were with the same employer: city government. She really wanted the second job because it paid more, but would be happy with either. Here is the event chart for the first job interview:

In this chart, the significators are Venus = Querent, and Quesited = 6th & 10th houses, because the position is a part-time and temporary nature (6th) with a city government (10th). So the rulers are Mercury (6th) and Saturn (10th).

Venus, the querent's ruler, is in detriment by house. Her only applying aspect is a quincunx to the ASC, showing it won't be as financially rewarding as she'd like. Venus disposits to Jupiter retrograde and in detriment in the first.  Also, the South Node in Taurus in the first and dispositing to Venus shows it's not the best position in the world for her, but it's not that bad either. It also has the potential to progress into something better when Jupiter turns direct at the end of January 2013. This is affirmed by the intercepted Vertex (a turning point) in the 6th house dispositing to Venus.

So with the querent's significator unable to help her much, (and according to traditional astrology, considered void-of-course because Venus won't make any other aspects before changing signs***see note below), let's see if other factors in the chart can.

Via Combust Saturn is in the 6th house with Mercury ruling the cusp. The Saturn-Pluto mutual reception somewhat mitigates the Via Combustion. Mercury disposits to Saturn, and the intercepted (and Via Combust) Vertex (indicating a turning point) disposits to the querent's ruler, Venus. So this is a strong indicator of her being hired. It is affirmed by the Moon in Virgo, dispositing to Mercury, on the 12th house side of the 6th house cusp.

But..but...but...the Moon is void-of-course, you say. Nothing will come of the matter, or the status quo will continue, or the chart is unfit to be judged, the traditional horary texts say.

Ignore them.

The MC is applying to partile trine the Moon, further indicating a done deal. Finally, the Moon is about to progress in the chart into Libra, dispositing to the querent's significator. The Moon is three degrees away from the ingress into Libra, indicating a quick hiring decision will be made.

This is the event chart for the second job interview for a different position with the same employer on the following day:

The significators are Uranus=querent, Quesited= 6th & 10th because like job #1, the position is of a temporary nature (6th house) with a city government agency (10th).

Right off the bat, this chart has problems:
  • Late degree ASC with Uranus in the first squaring Pluto in the 11th is bad news. Lunar aspects are a square to the Sun-Pluto conjuction, which is squaring the Querent's ASC ruler, Uranus, forming a separating T-square. (Also note: Pluto is not combust the Sun, because Pluto is a Kuiper Belt Object, not a planet. Therefore, it is too far away for the symbolic concept of combustion to be applied to it, since it can't be seen by the naked eye, anyway. This is true of all KBO's, SDO's, and other objects further towards the Oort Cloud.)
  • Uranus is mutually recepting Mars, but moving Uranus to the 12th house doesn't achieve anything for the querent, so the MR is lost.
  • Moon in the 7th shows the employers are leaning toward other candidates rather than the querent. (If the Moon were in the first it would indicate they are favoring the querent).
Jupiter, the employer, is retrograde and in detriment by sign and house. The employer is not internally or publicly expected to make the deadline on the project, nor is it expected to be successful (Jupiter quincunx Mercury-Sun-Pluto stellium in the 11th). The querent is actually dodging a bullet by not getting the job. 

Venus in the 10th isn't doing much for the querent except showing that it would be a financially beneficial position. She'd still get paid whether the project succeeds or not.

As far as lunar aspects, the Moon squares the Sun-Pluto conjunction, quindeciles Uranus (querent's ruler), sextiles Venus and then quintiles Mercury and Pluto before going void-of-course. So there's nothing the Moon is doing to connect this job to the querent, and the quindecile shows her worrying about that fact after her interview.

So what was the outcome? Three days after the first interview, the querent was offered and accepted the first job, and went to work the following day after accepting. So yet again,  traditional horary myths (strictures against judgment) bite the dust.

***Traditional rules are ignored by modern astrology, in this case because Venus/the Querent is still semisextile the MC, and is already in an out-of-sign sextile with Neptune. Venus is also in a grand cross with Pallas, Ceres and the Moon, affirming that the position isn't the best, financially.

Since modern horary utilizes ALL aspects, and the angles (and asteroids, KBOs, and other things traditional astrology disregards, etc.), planets are pretty rarely considered void-of-course. ALWAYS look at what the chart is actually doing, rather than what ancient rules dictate.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Understanding the Roles of Uranus, Neptune & Pluto Simply and Easily in Horary and Natal Charts

Traditional astrologers erroneously believe that outer solar system planets and bodies are not personal, and therefore irrelevant for horary (and sometimes even natal) interpretation. The belief is based on the exceedingly irrational idea that the further a body is from the Sun, the less personal relevance it has. (And yet they will consider fixed stars important, which aren't even part of the solar system.) Many astrologers still think in terms of cycles, and dismiss the outer body symbolism as generational, if they take it into account at all.

They couldn't be more wrong on all counts.

These are the astronomically accurate zones of the solar system:

To be fair, ancient astrologers didn't have the technology to be aware of anything beyond the naked eye. To be honest, there's no reason to continue to utilize such an outmoded system in astrology, because there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that it yields more accurate horary or natal interpretations. In fact, the evidence indicates otherwise, as modern astrologers have demonstrated repeatedly in their case studies.

The astrological reality, horary or otherwise, is that if a body revolves around the Suna person's symbolic life force (natal) and occasional significator or dispositor in horaryit's a part of the querent's life. As such, below are simple explanations of how the major outer zone bodies operate in a chartand their deeply personal symbolic effects.

UranusWhatever you think will happen, won't. Or as Michael Lutin often puts it, if you count your chickens when Uranus is involved, they are sure not to hatch. It is something which happens that you absolutely never even considered, because you were so sure it was going to be something else.

NeptuneHope, with its eternal twin, disappointment. Disillusion often helps us find ourselves again, and gets us back on track. 

PlutoNot a planet, but a Kuiper Belt Object. Pluto's symbolic effect is to embody the thing(s) you are positively, absolutely sure you can't live without, and then are grateful to be rid of when said thing(s) are inevitably annihilated from your life.

ErisAnother Kuiper Belt Object, bigger and as important as Pluto in a chart. Eris shows long-term strife and discord based on the house, aspects and sign it occupies, and especially when affecting a significator (horary/electional) or the Sun and Moon (natal) or an angle (both). Eris is very different from Neptune's apathetic discontent; Eris is an active and fiery agitator of the chronic issue (based on house and aspects) that just won't go away.

ChironA Centaur that shows where in life the person feels most like a leper. It is a person's own deep and personal inferiority complex, either real or imagined. Especially pay attention to Chiron in relationship horary charts, and particularly now, since it's conjunct Neptune, which drives the wound(s) deeper.