Friday, September 7, 2012

The Saturn in Scorpio-Pluto in Capricorn Mutual Reception: Part II

(Read Part I here.)

By now you've seen (and will continue to see) the harbinger of the next two and half years of Saturn-Pluto mutually recepted courtesy of Mars' current transit of Scorpio.  It's going to magnify what any progressive has known for years: corporations and their profits are more important than people, and you get to live the harsh consequences of that in your own life, whether it's higher taxes, low-wage jobs, debt, etc.

The SuperPACs created by the Citizens United vs FEC decision (basically, corporations are people with free speech rights and can contribute anonymous and unlimited donations to a fund backing a specific candidate), and who are funding the 2012 election, are only the tip of the corruption and democracy-gone-haywire iceberg. Thomas Frank of Harper's magazine describes the process intelligently and intricately in his excellent article, "It's a Rich Man's World: How Billionaire Backers Pick America's Candidates." Saturn in Scorpio mutually recepted with Pluto in Capricorn goes way beyond the November 2012 election, by the way. The election will likely be the first full-scale, formal, gross example of money and power corrupting absolutely.

Further, Elizabeth Warren, in her DNC speech said the unspeakable truth progressives have also known for years, right there on live, prime-time television: the system is rigged against you. Only the U.K. trails the U.S. in industrialized nations in upward mobility. Lewis Lapham in his May 2012 Harper's article, "Ignorance of Things Past," is far more clear: 

"But, but, but..." you say. "Occupy Wall Street stated all of that long before Saturn and Pluto mutually recepted each other." Yes, but #OWS was a Uranian response to Pluto in Capricorn a la the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square. When Saturn ingresses into Scorpio, it entrenches the power and corruption of the goverment-corporate alliance even deeper and more absolute. Lapham again:

Saturn represents justice (even when it's not in Libra), and so you will see over the next couple of years enormous examples of injustice, where bad behavior gets rewarded repeatedly, and money and powerSaturn and Pluto hallmarkswill be able to do as it pleases without regard to consequence. So the basic Saturn/Pluto mutual reception theme, with apologies to Lord Acton, is that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and no institution is going to help you when it's your world that gets stomped on by the heel of the plutocracy.

One microcosm example is an article I came across about a wealthy retirement home (old people vote in substantial numbers, remember) that didn't like their corporate overlords of a holding company bleeding them dry (no, it wasn't Bain Capital), and filed suit to gain their independence. The judge struck it down immediately (a deal's a deal, and we own you, so we can do whatever the hell we want to you, was basically the gist of the decision) and the corporate overlords proceeded to fire most of the board of directors who sympathized with the residents, as well as the executive director. 

So under the Saturn-Pluto mutual reception, the plutocrats will continue their bad behavior of crushing people and property under their boot heel not only unabashed, but with even more backing and complicity by government (this will not by any means be limited to the United States, by the way, nor limited to one specific political party). Their financial orgies and looting and pillaging the country, to your detriment and at your expense, and with the government's ample help, has only just begun to kick into gear. You will be too busy trying to hang onto your home and your job (homelessness and food stamp use has skyrocketed the last four years) to do much about it anyway. And when someone does (Uranus in Aries), the plutocrats will crush it. For awhile.

But in 2.5 years, when Saturn enters Sadge around Christmas of 2014, it will eventually move up to trine the rebel planet Uranus at 12 degrees Aries (with Uranus inching closer to its conjunction to Eris), and as always, the pendulum will swing the other way. As for reform and restitution, well, you'll have to wait for Pluto in Aquarius for that. 

9/9/12 Update: With the Uranus-Pluto square in the middle of all this, you can only expect the plutocrats to double down on the crazy. It would be funny if it didn't actually, you know, affect people's lives.

9/13/2012 UPDATE: The one year anniversary of #OWS will be #S17. See this flyer for details ( and the website ( and the event chart below:

With the mix of late degrees rising (and on the angles) and a critical cardinal degree significator, the movement is starting Phase II while trying to hang on to some of its former glory.

Mercury ruling the ASC/protestors, is harshly aspected and still combust the Sun, and also moving up to T-square the Uranus-Pluto square, with the outlet leg in the 10th house of government/elections. So the pressure will be on as the candidates won't be able to ignore the movement so easily. The T-square will also coalesce the usual violence and inability to generate concrete change immediately. 

Mercury disposits Venus and the Sun, with Mercury as the final dispositor in the chart, so while better cooperation and organization will work in their favor, the plutocrats, as expected, still hold the upper hand. They are represented by Neptune retrograde with an out of sign trine to Saturn, and sextiling Pluto, so the status quo remains for now and they can sit back and watch with amusement and without consequence.

Makemake right on the ASC with the Sun in the 12th shows the movement is resurgent (Mercury at a 0 Libra is a critical cardinal degree) after a lengthy period of dormancy, ready to re-emerge to prominence (Gemini MC). The regenerated movement is going to have an effect on the U.S. election from here on out, as with the Moon trining Jupiter, people are still connected with the core themes the group stands for, which remain absolutely unaddressed by the Coke-Pepsi candidates running for president. Moon conjuncts Saturn before going void-of-course, so the candidates will have no choice but to listen, even as they quash the movement yet again.

Pluto is stationing direct in the chart as well, so watch the media's tightly controlled message and coverage (ruler of the 3rd in the 4th and intercepted) as they scrutinize the protester's motivation and question their relevancy yet again.