Saturday, August 4, 2012

Quick Answers to a Duo of Employment Horary & Event Charts

Modern horary technique provides a much faster and easier way to arrive at a correct conclusion than traditional astrology techniques can. Below is an employment horary question and job interview event chart that can be accurately assessed at a glance by ignoring traditional rules.

In the first chart, the question "Is there any employment imminent?" was posed.

Chart #1

With Neptune retrograde in rulership in the 12th, and the Moon trine the ASC in 5th, the querent has been happily ensconced at home,working on creative projects. But Venus squaring the ASC as ruler of the 2nd indicates that financial necessity is showing the need for employment to finance the creative projects.

A quick look at prospects shows that there's not a lot of options. The querent will not find a career-worthy position with Jupiter, ruler of the MC, in utter detriment by sign and house, and at the South Node to boot. Looking at the 6th house, ruled by Leo, Orcus is in there squaring MC ruler Jupiter, while the Moon is approaching a conjunction to the Sun after interference via square by intercepted Saturn in the 7th. The querent will clearly have to accept a position beneath her. This is affirmed by retrograde Mercury in the sixth in Fall in Leo, but rulership by house.

But with Quaoar in Sadge exactly conjunct the MC, and sextiling Saturn, she definitely will find employment soon. As far as timing, the Moon is a focal point of action in this chart more than Neptune, because all of the job or career significators in it (Jupiter, Venus, Sun, Quaoar, Saturn) disposit to the Moon in rulership.

So the timing the querent was given was this: within 11 days of the time of question [7/17/2012 was the date of horary question + 11 days (Sun's 26 degrees minus the Moon's 15 degrees leaves a difference of 11, and with both in cardinal Cancer, it would be days) = 7/28/12], a job would show up. This seemed impossible, as she had zero leads.

On 7/20/2012, three days after the time of the question asked in Chart 1, a job lead showed up. She pursued it and was invited to an interview, with the event chart for the interview as follows:

Chart #2

Makemake in late Virgo in the 1st house with Mars shows it's time to return to work after a very long (3+ years) repose without a traditional "day job", while she worked on her creative projects. Right away, three facts stand out in this chart:

1) Moon and Saturn conjunct in the 2nd means the pay will be awful.

2) The job, ruled by the 6th (since it's not a 10th house profession) house and Aquarius/Uranus, trines the querent's significator Mercury, in detriment and retrograde in the house of its exaltation, and combust the Sun.

3) Moon Ptolemaically void-of-course signifies it's a dead-end job, somewhat affirmed by the combustion to the Sun as ruler of the 12th and Mercury's fall/retrograde debilitation, all of which shows the desperation of the querent to be in that position to begin with.

So without a whole lot in this chart looking very good, as in a debilitated significator in Fall and retrograde, and a void-of-course Moon, you have to look to secondary indicators to draw the proper conclusion. This is where modern horary shines.

So, first of all, the Moon is Ptolemaically void-of-course according to traditional astrology. In reality, it's going to make a semi-sextile to Makemake in the 1st before it leaves its sign, signifying the end of the time off. Moon also disposits to Venus in the 10th, meaning the employers like her, since Venus disposits to Mercury, which disposits to the Sun in rulership by sign, but detriment by house. The Moon-Saturn sextile to Quaoar in the 4th house of outcome bodes well, too, to take the edge off the Uranus-Pluto square.

But most importantly, the querent was told that she was the first interview, and that interviews would also be held the following day, and a decision would be made at the end of that day. Talk about a quick turnaround! A quick look in the ephemeris shows the Moon void of course in its fall in Scorpio for most of the next day, when the other candidates would be interviewing. None of the other candidates would come close to touching the querent from a qualifications or experience standpoint (Moon-Saturn conjunction with Saturn exalted).

So what was the outcome? The querent was offered the job (and she accepted) on July 26  nine days after the time the horary question in Chart 1 was asked, and one day after the interview event shown in Chart 2  even though it's not a perfect situation or position. Interestingly, the Sun squared the querent's natal Jupiter (ruler of her natal 10th house) while simultaneously conjoining her 6th house cusp on the day the offer was extended. Sometimes the parallels of horary and natal charts are simply sublime, so never let any astrologer tell you that one type is better than or supersede's the other. A skilled astrologer can correctly predict an outcome with either.