Monday, June 4, 2012

U.S. Election Day Mayhem in 2012? Event Chart Previews

Astrologer extraordinaire Michael Lutin posted an interesting article on his site today (6/4/12) about possible trouble on Election Day in the U.S. due to Mercury stationing retrograde. Mercury will be direct when the East Coast polls open early in the morning, but it stations retrograde around 6:05 pm EST, before the polls close.

Mercury stationed direct on Election Day in 2000, and we all know what happened back then...

An event chart for Election Day can be run for the first poll opening in the U.S. (Dixville Notch, New Hampshire votes at midnight), so as the day draws nearer, I'll settle on a time and post something about it and see if the event chart can give more details into Mikey's insight.

This website about each state's poll opening and closing times is very helpful as well. As for using Dixville Notch's chart for the moment, just to get a glimpse:

Twenty-nine Leo ASC at Regulus dispositing to Via Combust Sun in Scorpio?!?! Moon in Leo in the 12th dispositing to the Via Combust Sun in Scorpio and squaring Saturn?!?! Saturn mutually recepting intercepted Pluto? Neptune opposing the ASC? Mercury in detriment in Sadge squaring Neptune with Saturn in the 3rd (lies, lies, lies)? Venus-Uranus-Pluto T-square (someone isn't playing fair)? Roi est mort, vive le roi!

So, since horary and event charts have a habit of repeating themselves, does the situation change when the general poll-opening time of 6 a.m. on the East Coast is used?

Of course not; it's just another variation (and emphasis) on the same Scorpionic theme. Same as above, with but with Moon squaring the Via Combust ASC and Saturn, and the Sun squaring the MC. Saturn in the twelfth ruling the third (lies, lies, lies). Mercury stationing retrograde in the first as ruler of the eighth and eleventh (it's the economy, stupid) and still squaring Neptune. And of course, the Venus-Uranus-Pluto (unfair) T-square. In fact, polls that have event charts with emphasis on the T-square players, particulary the Scorpio ASCs, could very well be the hot spots (Portland, OR, and San Francisco, I'm looking at you).

Both charts feature a very heavy and intense Scorpio theme, and with the Saturn-Pluto mutual reception previously discussed here, and combining with the Leo "will" element, there is a show of force involved for sure.

The entire electoral system is hopelessly rotten and corrupt, as further amplified since the Citizens United v. FEC decision, as the candidates with the most money win more than EIGHTY PERCENT of the time. If it takes an insurrection on Election Day to bring this point home and get the ball rolling toward reform, I'm all in favor. 

Update 7/11/12: Just saw this article on Yahoo News where UAC participants predict the election in favor of Obama.

Update 10/7/12: One month from now, the election will be over. The outcome is the world's easiest astrological prediction ever:

It doesn't matter whether you vote for Plutocrat A or Plutocrat B. You still end up with a Plutocrat. See the excellent Harper's magazine article, "Why Vote When Your Vote Count's for Nothing?" by Kevin Baker in the October issue.

Update 11/8/12: Read all about the lagging in the counting and snafus on Election Day. You'd think after the 2000 debacle, they'd standardize this and come in the 21st century...more here.

Update 1/1/13: Here's what a Vedic horary astrologer had to say about the event charts above, showing why personal bias is an astrologer's worst enemy:

I'll let you Google what SCoAMF means. This item originally appeared on the website on 9/24/2012. For some strange reason, right wingers are particularly attracted to my blog.