Monday, April 9, 2012

The Astrology of Upcoming #OCCUPY Events in May 2012

Below are key upcoming dates in the #OCCUPY movement (and other related organizations) per recent info from
Since it's not practical, or even feasible, to run event charts for every specific happening, I'll list the dates chronologically and include the Moon's aspects and other significant planetary configurations, with analysis.
There may be some changes to or discrepancies in the dates, times and places of the events, as organizers adjust to fluctuating circumstances, so I'll update here as new info becomes available. All events below, except for May 1st/May Day, will take place during a Mercury-Venus mutual reception, with Venus going stationary retrograde on May 15th. So sometimes when benevolent intent meets practical considerations in getting the message out, adjustments are needed in order to achieve the goals.
May 1st: May Day General Strike. The Moon will trine the Sun and Jupiter before squaring Venus and going void of course. High hopes for success as the renewal of energy and enthusiasm from last Fall's protests brings the movement back to the forefront with a bang. Look for headlines and magazine covers announcing the comeback.
(Some aspects in effect on May 1st, and also, #OCCUPYCHICAGO, have been written about previously here. #OCCUPYCHICAGO has a myriad of dates listed on their events calendar, and there are other groups protesting G8/NATO later in the month, so it's a bit confusing to pinpoint one specific event to analyze.)
May 12th: Originally slated to be an international protest day, it looks like they have moved the date to May 15th to coincide with other worldwide events. There is conflicting information, as Adbusters states that it's a 3-day event of global action. So again, it's hard to determine which is the actual date to use.  From the #M12 website
After international forums, as well as online and face-to-face discussions, it has been decided that May 12th should be the next Global Day of Action, and May 15th a new Transnational Day of Mobilization.
The Moon will be in Aquarius on May 12th, with aspects of a square to the Sun, a square to Jupiter, and then trines to Venus retrograde and Saturn retrograde before going void of course. (Saturn will disposit to Venus). This starts off on the wrong foot and ends with a reality check. There will be ramifications from this event later in October when Saturn changes sign and moves into Scorpio, mutually recepting Pluto.

May 15th: This was slated to be a day where the various movements were to re-take the squares they had previously occupied and been evicted from, but it appears that has been changed as well. Now, based on the above, it appears it may have dissolved back into the international protest day activities of May 12th.
May 19-20th: #OCCUPYCAMPDAVID. According to one website, "Protests of the G8 are being held on Saturday, May 19, starting at 10 or 11 am,  in Frederick, Maryland." The #OCCUPYFREDERICK Facebook page states that there's an event on Saturday, May 18th beginning at 9:00 am EDT in Frederick. So I'll use a 10:30 am chart to split the difference, since these events never really go off on time anyway:

The Moon is in Taurus on May 19th, and applying to conjunct Jupiter at Caput Algol and dispositing to retrograde Venus. Algol is on the Sun-Jupiter midpoint. Are these people out of their minds? Why? Because every elite special force unit is going to patrol that perimeter with no humor for tree-sitting and camping in the woods. (Shortly after I wrote this,
the Secret Service shut down a nearby state park.)
The Ascendant is 2 degrees Leo with the Sun at a dead degree of 29 Taurus and conjunct the South Node in Gemini, which is disposited by Mercury conjunct Lilith. The Moon is conjunct Lilith as well and will conjoin Mercury and Jupiter before going void of course. The Sun will refranate into Gemini before the Moon can conjoin it in eclipse.
The Uranus/Pallas conjunction ruling the 7th and 8th houses of the G8 group shows the authorities have the upper hand in every way in this event, and have been strategizing and planning (Pallas) to counter the protests with a show of force all along.
This event will get the message across and be more hype than productive change, as Venus retrograde mutually recepts Mercury. However, the event will be anticlimactic, especially compared to the NATO protests in Chicago the following day...
May 20-21: NATO Protests. By far, the biggest and potentially most explosive event astrologically is the Chicago NATO summit (only the G8 was moved to Camp David). According to one website: "The NATO Summit is being held in Chicago on May 20 - 21.  The main protest is being held on Sunday, May 20 beginning at noon." Here's the chart:

This chart has a 25 degree Leo Ascendant and is a terrible chart in several ways. First, the Moon is void of course, combust the Sun, with both squaring the ASC. This is also right on the doorstep of a solar eclipse, so something's got to give and certain events and circumstances will be overshadowed. Second, Neptune is very strongly placed in the house of the NATO summit participants (7th), who have a plan of deception, misinformation and infiltration in store, as well as a strong show of force, with Uranus ruling the 7th and dispositing to Mars. In other words, the protesters' position is strongly debilitated, and the NATO participants are well-positioned, and square the protester's Sun and Moon significators. (Remember the Haymarket Affair?--history rhymes yet again.)
Mars in the protesters' first house could have them instigating a fight they can't finish. Mars in the first house ruling the 8th also shows the protest groups have been heavily infiltrated by the authorities, affirmed by Pallas in the 8th conjunct Uranus, with both squaring Pluto. With Juno in Scorpio (disposited by Pluto) at a dead degree making an opposition as the last aspect to the Moon before it changes sign and runs into the solar eclipse, the wife of a prominent politician may have a hand in the skullduggery against the protesters.
The bottom line with ALL of the above events is that it's STILL TOO EARLY for much mass, organized interest and effect, and more importantly, CHANGE. As L.A. Times columnist and political cartoonist David Horsey wrote, "The people in the Occupy Wall Street movement have shown they can take over a park, pitch a tent, run a teach-in and give everyone time to talk. They are still far from proving they can change a country." This image continues to dog the movement. To be fair, the #OCCUPY protest movements are still in their infancy (less than a year old), and changing a country as corrupt and rotten with entrenched power and money does not happen in a year or two or five. As Billie Holliday once said, the impossible will take a little while.
So June is really the month to look to as there's a whopping amount of astrological activity:
  • A lunar eclipse in Sadge on the 4th, 
  • Jupiter changes sign into Gemini on the 11th as dispositor of that eclipse,
  • Mars clears its shadow on the New Moon of the 19th, 
  • There are four lunar occultations that month involving Venus, Pluto, Jupiter, and obviously the sun with the eclipse,
And in late June, 
  • The first partile square of Uranus-Pluto is on 6/24/12,
  • Saturn goes direct the day after the first partile square of Uranus-Pluto,
  • Venus goes direct two days later.

And a couple days after that.....for the grand finale of the month.........the Sun forms a hellacious T-square to the Uranus-Pluto square. The outlet leg is in Libra which will be tinged by Saturn. In other words, OUCH!!!! 
Adding insult to injury, Jupiter will be squaring Neptune, showing HUGE disillusionment and disappointment, while Mercury moves into Leo, it's fall (perhaps an over-estimation of the organizers plans, ideas and influence?)

So what does all that mean? Turmoil and tumult and violence and upheaval are the name of the game with long-range ramifications. Setbacks and frustration are assured. Not only that, but while the focus is on the #OCCUPY groups, there will be other organizations and individuals that come out of nowhere to act on their own accord, steal the spotlight, and create a zeitgeist of actual changeand disappear again. Watch for it to begin in late June.
From July onward through October, (when Saturn changes signs and moves into mutual reception with Pluto while Via Combust, in which Saturn's mean side is showing), the situation will heat up drastically and boil over sporadically during the next five years. The Powers That Be will not tolerate insurrection before the election, and will stamp it out with both feet wherever it is found. It will look terrible for the protesters for awhile, until they change their tactics. Certainly, the protesters have taken some blows to the chin, as they've been infiltrated, harassed, intimidated and surveilled, and to be sure, this will continue with even more heavy-handedness by the authorities. But Uranus in Aries knows how to take a hitand dish them out as well. The upcoming societal changes in America will be a marathon, not a sprint. So think "long run" and know that regime change is never overnightor painless.
(For a deeper understanding of the time frame and dynamics behind the actual events, check out Bill Herbst's latest commentary, "Approaching Critical Mass.")