Friday, February 24, 2012

Employment Horary: When the Querent Doesn't Get the Job

In these times of double-digit unemployment numbers (the real ones, not the ones the goverment cooks and bakes to create the illusion that economic recoveryin the midst of the US Pluto returnis right around the corner), employment horaries are front-and-center. But even employed people are looking to bail when the time and opportunity are right.

In the example below, the querent interviewed for a different position with his current employer (a technical college) four days prior to the time of question, and wanted to know if he'd be hired for the job. The querent works administratively in the college's auto mechanic training department, and the position inquired about was for a shipping and receiving (Mercury) supervisor in another department. As most of you know, the 6th house is unskilled labor (i.e. McDonald's), and the 10th is skilled labor a la careers and profession. So the 10th house is the quesited in this case.

Chart courtesy of Matrix Software

You don't even remotely need to be a horary expert to see what this chart is saying. With 29 degreees on all of the angles, and the querent's ruler Mercury in detriment and intercepted in the 10th, it was over before he'd even walked out the door from the interview. No need to even bother with what the Moon is doing, or anything else (asteroids, TNOs). The answer is a resounding no; case closed. The querent was satisfied with the "no" answer as he had suspected as much, and found out the day after the horary question was posed and answered that indeed he had not been selected. However, like most people, he wanted to know why as consolation (Neptune conjunct MC). So for the sake of detail and instruction, here's an autopsy on this overtly dead horary chart.

Mercury in detriment in Pisces and separating from Chiron in the 10th shows the querent was not mentally focused. He simply wasn't sharp that day and his answers during the interview reflected that. This was due to a recent bout with the flu (Pisces) that he hadn't yet recovered from (Mercury-Chiron). Moon in the 9th in the same sign as the MC shows that the job was for another position at the same college the querent works at. The ruler of the 10th, Uranus, is at an early degree in Aries, and in its natural home in the 11th house. The manager is looking for someone new who is "at home" with shipping and receiving experience, not transferring from another division without those skills.

Neptune conjunct the MC as Mercury's dispositor shows that it's too early right now for the querent to make a move. This is affirmed by the Moon parallels to Saturn and Mercury, with the Moon's last aspect a trine to retrograde Saturn (delays) before going void-of-course. This means matters don't work out, but the trine takes the sting out of the disappointment (Sun-Neptune combustion), as does the Moon's applying quintile to Jupiter and applying septile to Venus. With the Sun-Neptune combustion conjunct the MC, and Mercury applying to oppose intercepted Mars retrograde in Virgo, the querent isn't clear about what he wants to do or where he wants to go career-wise, and therefore can't take appropriate action or logical steps until he figures out that direction. The attempt at this position was more of a swing-and-hope type strategy to get out of his current situation he feels trapped in (Mercury intercepted), and clearly, with Neptune and Pisces, the querent missed and needs to go back to the drawing board and rethink and re-strategize his career path.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Using Modern Horary Astrology for Stock Market Picks, Predictions & Analysis

So let me just get this out of the way before you read any further:

DISCLAIMER--This blog post is not intended as financial advice. Invest at your own risk. You alone are responsible for your investment outcomes. This blog post is for information purposes only, not financial or investment advice.

ALSO: If you don't have a fundamental understanding of how the stock market works, horary isn't going to help you. This means don't call your broker and say, "My astrologer said I should buy XYZ." There is no substitue for your own due diligence. Don't just try to fly with horary alonealways use reality and critical thinking to correlate what's happening in the horary chart to what's happening in the real world. This helps curb wishful thinking in the chart, as in, you'd better have a legitimate business reason for thinking that stock you're looking at is going to reach an all-time high by the time the next triple witching hour rolls around in a week, as the rest of the market is plunging a hundred points a day. A single Moon trine isn't going to cut it.

As mentioned in a previous post, stock market horary is one of my least favorite types of questions for many reasons, primarily because people are not very savvy about personal finance to begin with, let alone the undemocratic casino the market has become due to all the deregulation over the last ten years. But I do it because querents ask me to, particularly when the markets go berserk, like the last few months when triple-digit swings DURING A SINGLE SESSION were the norm.

Stock market horary is ridiculously easy. It does not matter for horary's sake if you are a day or options trader, or a buy-and-hold, long-run investor. The mechanics are the same. There are three factors to consider:

1) Speed and Timing
2) Relevant Houses
3) Rulerships

1) Speed and Timing: Look at the chart in two layers: a) The Inner Solar System (Sun through Mars & Asteroids) for immediate purchase circumstances and b) The Outer Solar System (Jupiter through the TNOs) for long or short positions and cycles, as well as circumstances beyond the querent's control affecting the markets (e.g. The Greece/Euro bailout that will influence timing and market direction.). See example 2 below for a very clearcut example.

2) Relevant Houses: First House=Querent, 2nd house=querent's money, 4th house=outcome, 5th house=Stock inquired about, 8th house=stock market, 10th house=QE 1, 2 and possibly 3 and other government prop-ups such as interest rate announcements by the Fed.

3) Rulerships: Moon=Timing, Venus=Money, assets and personal finance. More specifically, match stock rulerships inquired about to the appropriate planet and sign. For example, in 2011, the top six most profitable asset categories were as follows:

  • Utilities=Uranus/Aquarius
  • Bonds=Saturn/Capricorn
  • Consumer Staples=Venus/Taurus
  • Health Care=Mercury/Virgo
  • Gold=Sun/Leo (and to an extent, Silver=Moon/Cancer)
  • Oil=Neptune/Pisces

So here's a few examples of the above in action.

Question #1: Will the Querent Make Money on the Currently Held Stock Positions?

Chart courtesy Matrix Software

Querent was ultra-shorting the market (Venus in Cap) in December 2011. Venus applying to semi-sextile the Sun shows that a smaller profit (Cap) than hoped for (Sadge) is possible, but there will be a complication, as the Moon is conjunct the South Node in the 2nd house with both dispositing to a detrimented Mercury. Moon is also applying to quincunx Venus. The Sun disposits to Jupiter in the 12th house, retrograde, and at a critical degree. All the Sadge influence suggests some form of irrational exuberance. Moon is also applying to oppose the ruler of the 5th (Sun). The outcome? Ten days after the TOQ, the positions were $300 in the black. The querent got greedy, thinking the shorts would go higher, but by the end of the month, the low-volume Santa rally had plunged the querent's investment $300 into the red-- a $600 swing. The querent continued to hold (always dangerous with ultra-shorts), expecting a New Year's plunge, but the market surged to new highs and he lost another $300 for a $600 total loss. He still held on, way too long, and eventually lost 20% of the investment. A big tip-off is the applying T-square of the Moon-Node with Mars and the Sun, with the outlet leg in the 11th house of hopes and wishes, with Neptune in the 11th conjunct Chiron, indicating a painful disappointment.

Example # 2 - A Stock Market Horary Question from 2010 about a NASDAQ Darling: Should the Querent buy the *** tech stock?

Chart courtesy of Matrix Software

Ruler of the ASC intercepted in the 3rd (missing information) and ruler of the 5th in the 5th in dignity with the Moon in applying trine. So the answer is YES, BUT WAIT (Moon in detriment in Cap and besieged between Saturn at a critical degree and Pluto, Cap on 2nd house cusp, Pluto in Cap) until after the Moon-Pluto conjunction interference, which occurs first before the trine. Two stock market "flash crashes" happened 18 days and again almost 1 month after the time of question. The desired stock fell, the querent swooped in a couple months later and bought it well below its moving average value, and made $155 profit (before comissions) PER SHARE in less than six months. (Angular cardinal Moon and exalted angular Sun in the 4th house of outcome=a quick profit).

There is no substitute for your own due diligence and practicing via paper trading until you know what you are doing horary-wise. Below are some resources to help you out.

RESOURCES: -- For advanced stock market aficionados (i.e. people who don't use a broker, but do their own trading.) If you don't know what a Bollinger band or hollow red candlestick is, skip this site and use Google Finance.

Google Finance -- A very easy-to-intuit research tool that allows you to input portfolio data and compare stock performance, screen historical data, screen stocks by specific criteria (P/E ratio, dividends, etc.) and lots of other features. It also has an options chain feature. -- Sign up for a free paper-trade account until you know what the hell you are doing. If it's too complicated/techy for you to use, then use Google Finance's portfolio feature. -- A must for options traders. Calculates time-loss values as well as built-in profit/loss scenarios.

INFORMATION RESOURCES: -- Basically a Ron Paul echo chamber, but very well-written, entertaining and extremely informative about the politics affecting markets worldwide. Lots of analysis and Bloomberg charts. Use for information only; if you follow their advice, you will lose money by the truckload since they are gold bugs, perma-bears and believe in a currency return to the gold standard.

Merriman on Money -- An astrological analysis of the stock market. I am not a fan at all of his free information--it's too vague and tends to be wrong. (e.g. "There's a t-square this week, so the market may do this or it may do that.") Always an interesting read, but like all other stock market newsletters, for me, Merriman needs to prove his astrological trading track record publicly before I'd consider his advice/subscribe to his newsletter. Being astrologically informed and intelligent doesn't necessarily translate into winning trades, as a retrograde at one point in time might do something entirely different than a previous cycle. I do like his modernist thinking, though.

Subscription Newsletters -- Avoid these like the plague unless you want to lose money by the truckload again. All of them hype and tout "30 Straight Winning Trades--You Can Still Get In On It If You Act Now" to get you to buy, but when you ask them to provide proof, unsurprisingly, it's not forthcoming. (Actually, there was one newsletter that publicly published their trade results, but I can't remember who it was now.) Your own due diligence, research, continuing education, awareness and practice will do you far better than these overpriced hype sheets.

Which brings me to the last stock horary example:

Example #3: Should the Querent Subscribe to the PCR Stock Newsletter?

Chart courtesy of  Matrix Software

This question is a 3rd house question, not a 5th house question, because the question is about acquiring information of a fleeting nature (that's why even though it's published material, it's not 9th house, which is more about books and magazines) rather than the stock market or a stock. This is affirmed by Venus, ruler of the 3rd house, in the same sign as Mercury, ruler of the 5th house, showing the information is stock speculation-related/5th house. Mercury is co-ruler of the question because it rules information.

Querent is Uranus, which is retrograde and at a critical degree in the 1st house. Strike one. Venus is at a dead degree and about to square Uranus. Strike two. Mercury is retrograde and in detriment in Sadge, showing the information is damaged, incorrect or misleading. Strike three, game over. Also, the Moon and Venus' dispositor is retrograde Jupiter in the 2nd house, and the house is ruled by angular and intercepted Mars in the 7th. Mercury disposits Mars, affirming that the aggressively-hyped information is not as thorough, critically thought through and detail-oriented (Virgo) as marketed (Sadge). The outcome? The querent noticed several typos and price discrepancies in the further information she requested and received from the company. She wrote them regarding these issues and they never responded to her. Oh, and their "free" information predictions about immediate market trends (imminent bear) turned out to be horribly wrong as the market melted up to new highs. 'Nuff said.