Thursday, January 26, 2012

#OWS Morphs Into #OCHI / #OCCUPYCHICAGO on May 1, 2012 - Astrological Event Chart & Interpretation Below

Adbusters, the folks who brought you #OWS, has put a call out to occupy the Windy City on May 1st, 2012 for an entire month to challenge G8 and NATO meetings occurring that month. From their website:

"On May 1, 50,000 people from all over the world will flock to Chicago, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and #OCCUPYCHICAGO for a month. With a bit of luck, we’ll pull off the biggest multinational occupation of a summit meeting the world has ever seen.

Against the backdrop of a global uprising that is simmering in dozens of countries and thousands of cities and towns, the G8 and NATO will hold a rare simultaneous summit in Chicago this May. The world’s military and political elites, heads of state, 7,500 officials from 80 nations, and more than 2,500 journalists will be there. "

You can find the information here: and and

And of course, the event chart (click on it to enlarge):

(Note that the time of the event chart above is based on the Adbusters data provided in the 2nd link above from their Facebook page announcement.)

The most important signatures in the chart are:

  • The Eris and Mercury conj. the ASC and opposing retrograde Saturn-Haumea trine Venus
  • The Moon-Mars conjunction (the protesters' significators) in a grand trine with the Sun and Pluto
  • The Moon-Mars conjunction opposing the Neptune-Chiron opposition and at its midpoint

If the start time of this chart holds, it shows that they are going to have an easier time of sticking it to the plutocrats the second time out. Look at that GORGEOUS grand trine of the Moon-Mars conjunction with Pluto and the Sun! And ASC ruler Mars mutually recepting Mercury as final dispositors! There will be NO confusion or mistake about their message this time around. And Eris conjunct the ASC with Lilith in the 1st ensures that bigtime mayhem will ensue. Neptune in the 11th with Aquarius on the cusp shows the public will be far more available for some radical changes, as foreclosures and food prices (Vesta conjunct Ceres combust the Sun) fuel some righteous indignation!

Oh, but wait, look at The Powers That Be with their retrograde exalted Saturn opposing the ASC. That darned police state--you can slow it, but you can't stop it. And with their Saturn trine Venus, the plutocrats and their government minions have the media in their back pocket and controlling the message and manipulating (read: lying) public sentiment--again. This is doubly affirmed by Mercury in mutual application to oppose retrograde Saturn. Retrograde Rhadamanthus (not shown) at 20 Libra will be squaring Varuna in the 4th, so the facts will be fought over, revealed relentlessly, and hit very close to home.

The biggest damper on things, literally, is the protesters' Moon-Mars conjunction is in opposition to the Neptune-Chiron conjunction, and indeed, right on its midpoint. 
There will be casualties (think wounded in action, lots of teargas, and firehoses) in the demand for change, but the four Cardinal angles and that Sadge-ruled 9th with Pluto and Quaoar in it don't show international or legislative change anytime soon. The other problem is that they are using a G8 and NATO summit to raise awareness, when the problems amplified in Occupy Wall Street are domestic rather than international. This is going to lead to "mixed messages" that will dilute some of their gains, unfortunately.  With Chiron in the twelfth house and Neptune ruling that house, disorganization, impracticality and some infighting among the protesters will undermine their efforts. Hopefully, they won't be their own worst enemy, because they are going to get plenty of blowback from that Saturn-ASC opposition to keep them plenty under siege. An important point to remember is that the plutocrats and government have very effectively been containing and ignoring protests on a grand scale for years, especially when the G8 is involved, while the protesters haven't changed their tactics (large, mostly non-violent, peaceful mass gatherings) much since the 1960's. In other words, it will take more than mass demonstrations in the streets, property damage in the millions, and social media to create the type of policy and societal structural changes needed. The mutable grand trine with the cardinal angles in the chart is going to emphasize that.

The early degrees of Mars and the Moon, along with the not-yet-partile Uranus-Pluto square, show this show has a long way to go yet, and will set the stage for future battles. This chart shows the movement has not yet developed into "overthrow" rather than "occupy" mode yet, where push comes to shove and change is demanded regardless of the cost at the behest of Uranus-Pluto. 
Finally, Ceres, Chiron and the Vertex are all at the same degree, showing an internal operations turning point for this particular protest. Will there be a surprise ending? Hardly. The Moon's last aspect before going void of course will be a conjunction to Makemake while opposing Pallas in the 12th-6th house axis. Again, the protesters will retreat, lick their wounds, reconnoiter, come up with new strategies and tactics, and live to fight another day after a time of repose. They are not going to get a different result until they do something more radical and powerful than gather en masse in protests that are brutally subdued and quashed by the government forces. But what will be interesting to see is if this specific event spawns a splinter group (or groups) willing to take it to that next level of force as a separate entity from the formal Occupy movement (Haumea conjunct Saturn and opposing the ASC, Eris and Mercury).

No matter what, I just love that Eris conjunction to the ASC. As promised, I'll soon be posting the first part of a series on Eris in the US Sibley chart, now and through 2016 when she conjoins Uranus for some serious societal chaos. For now, just be content knowing that transiting Pluto is conjunct the US natal Eris in the Sibley chart's first house. And when Eris meets Pluto, it's not Eris who gets the worst of it. More to come!

1/26/12 edit: See? What did I say about the infighting already? These people are walking straight into a police buzz saw, and they are worrying about who gets credit for the invitations?
See also: and )

March 7, 2012 edit: Word is out on the site that President Obama has relocated the G8 Summit where #OCCUPYCHICAGO and #OCHI were to take place to Camp David. Talk about an event chart that never was! :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Home Sale Horary Mirrors the Sad State of the US Real Estate Market

The querent wanted to know when would be the best time to put her house and a couple other properties on the market. Given the current and foreseeable future of the real estate market in the US, it's not surprising the chart was dismal.

Click on image above to enlarge to full screen

Retrogrades, a mutual reception and malefics are going to tell the story in this chart. 

The querent's ruler, the Moon, is in the 8th house and seriously combust the Sun. Clearly she is desperate for money, especially with Pluto having just descended. The 4th house rules the properties she's trying to sell, and with Makemake, Haumea, Juno, and ESPECIALLY Saturn all retrograde in there, she's going to have a very hard time selling the property, and needs to reconsider. Remember, when Saturn is retrograde in the house of the matter inquired about, things rarely work out. 
Makemake retrograde in there affirms it--she needs to wait a bit for some other changes to happen in her life. Saturn is also opposing Eris, giving the querent a great deal of strife over the situation and the career moves she'd like to make after a possible sale.  Saturn, as ruler of the 7th house, also rules a potential buyer, so clearly there is nothing on the horizon for this deal to work. The Saturn-Eris-Varuna T-square with the outlet leg in the 7th house of a potential buyer (and the struggle and difficulty to find one in the current market) pretty much negates the whole situation.

Looking at the ruler of the 4th house, Mercury, it is void of course at the end of Capricorn, dispositing back to the Retrograde Saturn in the 4th house of the property. Going back to the querent's ruler, the Moon, it disposits to Uranus at the end of Pisces and in the 10th house of career, and mutually recepted with and semi-sextile Neptune in the 9th, and neither are retrograde. So, there is an out.

Uranus-Neptune, and the rest of the chart, is telling the querent to stay put and focus on her career for awhile longer, as circumstances are beyond her control with the real estate market to not only try and sell the house, but to not sell it for a loss (Mercury also rules the 12th, and the Sun-Moon combustion is affecting her 2nd house of income).

So what was the outcome? From a friend of the querent:

She decided not to sell her house and to stay put. So she is still traveling a lot for projects and project potentials [for her work].  

If you want to look at additional details or extra confirmation, you'll notice Mercury is on the Venus-Neptune midpoint, so the disappointment wouldn't be lethal. Vesta, ruler of the home, is squaring Neptune, but more importantly, is in an out-of-sign sextile to Vesta, showing that something has to change in the querent's life before a deal can happen. The Moon is also quincunx the ASC, again indicating an adjustment to the original idea. North Node in the same degree as Vesta also affirms staying put. Varuna in the 1st house and retrograde also shows the reasons for selling need to be reevaluated, as hinted by its square to Eris in the 10th.

This chart is a lesson in not falling for the traditional horary astrology myth that the Moon's aspects are ultra-important. Other factors in the chart can and do seriously outrank what the Moon is doing, even when the Moon is a significator. For example, the Moon's applying trine to Saturn Rx in the 4th is not going to even come close to sealing the deal for the querent--on the contrary, it will make her rethink her reasons for wanting to sell, and how realistic her chances are for getting the price she wants (not likely with the Sun in detriment in Aquarius in the 8th house).  So never let traditional horary "rules" get in the way of an accurate--and obvious--interpretation.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ephemerides for TNOs & KBOs

An excellent online ephemeris for the TNOs and KBOs can be found (as usual) at*see note below) This will be particularly useful for the upcoming three-part post "Lookout America! Eris is Coming!" where the TNOs will be examined in the US Natal Sibley chart and in the transits to the Sibley chart during the upcoming Uranus-Pluto square.

1) Go to
2) Click on "Ephemeris" on the blue sidebar on the left side of the page.
3) Click on "Swiss Ephemeris", and select "Special Purpose Lists" all the way at the bottom.
4) Click on the desired KBO listed (e.g., Eris =

Charts at can be run with the TNOs by using their extended chart selection. Some can be selected from a pre-populated list, while Haumea and Makemake at this time must be manually entered using their permament numbers (136108 and 136472 respectively). It's really easy to figure out (Free Horoscopes>Extended Chart Selection>Additional Objects>Select from Box on Left>Add Haumea & Makemake in "additional asteroids" box below Additional Objects>Click Here to Show Chart>Enter Chart Data, etc.)

(*) All KBO's are TNOs, but not all TNOs are KBOs, e.g. Sedna).

Monday, January 9, 2012

Saturn and Mars Prepare to Retrograde in the Foreground of the Approaching Uranus-Pluto Square

With the two classic malefics ready to change direction soon, and spending most of the first half of the year that way, the structural logistics, planning, preparation and groundwork for the 2nd half of the year's explosive events are already taking form.

Regarding the Occupy movement, if any bigger justification was needed for it's next incarnation as Overthrow Wall Street, you can find it here in this excellent summation by Rolling Stone columnist Matt Taibbi. 

To wit:
"I loved the energy and was amazed by the obvious organic appeal of the movement, the way it was growing on its own. But my initial impression was that it would not be taken very seriously by the Citibanks and Goldman Sachs of the world. You could put 50,000 angry protesters on Wall Street, 100,000 even, and Lloyd Blankfein is probably not going to break a sweat. He knows he's not going to wake up tomorrow and see Cornel West or Richard Trumka running the Federal Reserve. He knows modern finance is a giant mechanical parasite that only an expert surgeon can remove. Yell and scream all you want, but he and his fellow financial Frankensteins are the only ones who know how to turn the machine off."
The key is to impel them to do so.

Also, there's an excellent article in this month's Harper's Magazine (the magazine that correctly predicted the housing implosion TWO YEARS before it happened--who needs astrology?)  that discusses how MERS mortgages have no real owner, so who are the homeowners actually paying? And the homeowners who are using case law to try to stop foreclosures and (sometimes) succeeding. The bank's lawyers best argument is that not continuing the status quo of corruption would lead to free housing, and in a case in Utah, actually did. See for yourself here

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Uranus-Pluto Square and Phase 2 of Occupy Wall Street in 2012

A key component of Phase II of the Occupy Wall Street movement will be one subtle, yet monumental difference. With the Uranus-Pluto square as the engine behind the revolt, the "O" in OWS changes from "Occupy" to "Overthrow." What does that mean and what does that look like?

Noam Chomsky urged the movement to advance to the next stage. His advice revolves around political organizing in neighborhoods and engaging more of the 99% face-to-face. He isn't wrong. But this isn't the 1960's.

The issue in 2012 and throughout the Uranus-Pluto square is what Uranus in Aries represents, and how it manifests. It is the ultimate in individual action affecting the collective (and vice versa). Building coalitions is important, but Uranus in Aries is not about asking nicely and getting a consensus, or lobbying for policy changes within the established structure. It is about  creating change by bypassing or even hijacking the structure and bringing the unexpected front-and-center, in your face, when you least expect it, and in the most explosive manner possible. It is also horizontal and direct democracy. It does not care about means--it cares about ends.

So does "Overthrow" Wall Street mean riots in the streets, curfews, checkpoints and martial law? Change takes time. None of it is going to happen overnight. It is a series of movements and actions that come and go in fits and starts and lurches forward of its own accord, while Pluto in Capricorn seeks to stamp out that progress. Undermine, overthrow, retreat. Lay low, strike back, push the envelope. Deal with blowback. But the key point is that the time for talking and raising awareness is over--in 2012, it's time for action.

P.S.--Happy New Year! For the apocalyptic-minded among you, keep in mind this tweet from astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson:

SleepWell in 2012: Niburu is fiction; no Solar Max; Dec21 alignment occurs every yr; Mayan failed to predict their own demise