Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Modern Horary Astrology & the Stock Market

I hate stock market horary questions for about a million reasons I won't go into here, but I will still do them.

Below is a question asked on Dec. 19, 2011 (after the market had closed) about purchasing a specific stock during after-hours trading. The stock was on the rise and had jumped roughly $3.50 in a week, and according to the querent, all logic, reason and indications were that it would continue to rise quickly.

Graph courtesy of Google Finance

So the horary chart was cast. 

You don't need to be a horary astrologer to see that the querent should avoid the stock like the plague.

In a previous blog post entitled "Don't Operate On a Dead Horary Chart" (posted on 9/6/11), I mentioned that there are times where the chart is screaming the answer at the top of its lungs everywhere you look, and this is one of those cases. Moon (ruler of the ASC) and Saturn are conjunct in the 5th house of stock speculation--strike one. Both the house cusp and Saturn and the Moon are in Libra, dispositing to Venus at a dead degree in the house of her detriment--strike two. Note that the mutual reception between Venus and Saturn does not help the situation or indicate "yes"--it indicates the querent will likely dodge the bullet, since mutual receptions provide a way out.  Saturn and Venus in Capricorn are clearly showing wait, patience and caution.  Moon will square Venus before going void of course--strike three. If you want a final nail in the coffin, take your pick between Pluto directly opposing the ASC, or the intercepted South Node in the 12th house.

The querent was stunned by the chart as it didn't make any sense to him, since logic and reason indicated the stock was a "sure thing." However, the querent had faith in the chart's answer (Jupiter conjunct the Part of Fortune and Neptune in the 9th trine the moon Moon) and did NOT make the stock purchase.

The results were swift and instant the following day. 

This is called falling off a cliff, and since the stock market is not based on any semblance of logic, reason or rationality, luckily the querent had enough sense to abide by the chart.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What is the Difference Between Eris & Mars?

Approximately 95.1 AU. (Just kidding.)

Seriously, Eris is the strife or difficulty that precipitates the ensuing Martian conflict in a chart, horary or otherwise. Eris is the cause, Mars is the result of the cause.

Eris is a problem right now for three major reasons:
  1. Because she's in the sign of Mars' rulership (Aries),
  2. She's transiting the same sign Uranus is transiting (Aries again),
  3. She is squaring transiting Saturn.
This is why the difficulties are longstanding and lingering in both your lives (natal) and in specific circumstances (horary).