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This Is What an Astrological Uranus-Pluto Square Looks Like in the Real World. (Get Used to It.)

The Upcoming Uranus-Pluto Square In Pictures:

Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood.

A Greek Riot Policeman  (The Flames Were Extinguished and He Survived)

Greek Aftermath

Protester Checklist

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pt. 2 Anarchy, the Astrology of Uranus Square Pluto, and the Aftereffects of Occupy Wall Street: Part II: What's Going to Happen--the Uranus-Pluto Square

See Part I: What Happened--the OWS Event Chart

Part II--What's Going to Happen: The Uranus-Pluto Square

From Bill Herbst
"What defines the Occupy uprising for me as belonging---so far--- primarily to the Limbo Period from September 2011 through May 2012 (rather than as part of what will come later, after the critical mass point of June 2012 and beyond, all the way to 2015) are the qualities of civil obedience and respect for authority. There is, as far as I know, hardly any civil disobedience at all in the viral Occupy phenomenon yet. Everything about the protests carries the tacit assumption (intentional or not)---or at least the hope---that a public appeal to authority in government and/or corporate boardrooms might effect some reform or redress of grievances. This is a complete fiction. A hopeless fantasy."
The outcome of the movement, according to Kalle Lasn, a co-originator of OWS, bear this out: 
"Why didn’t Bloomberg come down to talk to us? Or Goldman Sachs chief executive Lloyd Blankfein? Why didn’t President Obama acknowledge the protesters — largely the people who elected him — and mingle in the open-air town halls? What a grand gesture that would have been. How come our political leaders are so isolated, our discourse so rigid? Why can’t the American power elite engage with the nation’s young? 
Instead, they stayed aloof, ignored us and wished us away. We wanted a Tahrir moment, an American Spring, a new vision of the future, and they attacked us in Zuccotti Park in the dead of the night."
As far as the original goals of OWS, Lasn adds:
The Occupy Wall Street meme was launched by a poster in the 97th issue of our international ad-free magazine, Adbusters, the hash tag #OCCUPYWALLSTREET and a “tactical briefing” that we sent to our 90,000-strong “culture jammer” global network of activists, artists and rabble-rousers in mid-July. The movement’s true origins, however, go back to the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. That was when the world witnessed how intransigent regimes can be toppled by leaderless democratic crowds, brought together by social media, that stand firm and courageously refuse to go home until their demands for change are met. Our shared epiphany was that America, too, needs its Tahrir Square moment and its own kind of regime change. Perhaps not the hard regime change of Tunisia and Egypt, but certainly a soft one.
 Only a soft regime change can end the pervasive corruption at the heart of our political system, in which corporate money wins elections, drafts laws and trumps citizen desires. Only the plural voices of everyday Americans, the 99 percent, have the capacity to wake up the 1 percent to their greedy, self-serving ways, and to dismantle the global casino in which $1.3 trillion worth of derivatives, credit default swaps and other financial instruments slosh around every day without a hint of concern or regard for the millions of lives that such speculation can destroy."
The overthrow is for later, as Herbst accurately alludes. For now, two clear themes emerge:

1)  Mars is ingressing into Virgo and retrograding through Virgo from January to mid-April, giving them plenty of time to come up with ideas for practical action, as shown by Mars' Virgo transit through the 9th and 10th houses of the OWS chart (planning prior to public launch). When Mars moves ahead in April 2012, and mutually recepts Mercury later the same month, the protesters will be back in battle and at the forefront again. BECAUSE...

2)  When the movement reemerges after it regroups (typical Pluto symbolism--arising from the ashes in a different form),will regroup over the winter as the Uranus- Pluto square reconfigures (payback is a bitch) for real next year. Because in mid-July 2012, Mars comes along and reactivates the Venus-Pluto T-square of OWS:

According to Herbst, "With the end of the first period of denial, however, we have not moved  directly into the second period, which will be an extended period of economic and cultural breakdown in cascading waves, accompanied by the brave new world of social upheavals and revolutions to necessarily find ways to pick up the pieces and re-form both commerce and society. No, that second phase of the two-step dance does not officially (meaning symbolically) begin until June of 2012."

Throughout history, anarchy (Uranus) has always been the natural enemy of plutocracy (Pluto). Anarchy does not mean chaos; it is from the Greek anarchos, meaning without leaders, as in the famous Goethe quote: "The best government is that which teaches us to govern ourselves."  Anarchy, as referenced here, is understood along the lines of Voltairine deCleyre's "Anarchism & American Traditions", written in 1908 and a far cry from how the news media defines and depicts anarchy.

OWS was just a prelude, or sneak preview, to the "we're not going to take it anymore" fury that is getting ready for the stage in 2012. Because one of the key tactics of anarchy is direct action. In other words, one does not ask nicely for redress from the very corrupt system (Pluto in Capricorn) that oppresses and affects the people wanting the change (Uranus in Aries).

In that regard, and during the Uranus-Pluto square, direct action will be front and center. According to, in their publication Twelve Myths About Direct Action, it is defined as "any kind of action that bypasses established political channels to accomplish objectives directly—has a long and rich heritage in North America, extending back to the Boston Tea Party and beyond. Despite this, there are many misunderstandings about it, in part due to the ways it has been misrepresented in the corporate media."

So what might direct action look like? Uranus in Aries rules individual direct action affecting the collective and society. Groups (cells) also take independent action. Multi-level scenarios could play out where an independent hacktivist group such as Anonymous is involved in an incident, while angry mobs surround and shut down a bank or brokerage firm simultaneously in the same city.

Uranus in Aries will provide distinct advantages for everyone battling the Pluto in Capricorn regime:
  1. The plutocrats and their armies of police, etc. are vastly outnumbered by the masses.
  2.  More avenues of communication are available to coordinate disruption (social media, etc.).
  3. Americans are armed, unlike the Muslim countries' uprisings, who have to try to co-opt their militaries.
  4. Troops that will be deployed to fight the mass uprisings are all currently overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, protecting corporate interests such as oilfields (Iraq) and pipelines and poppyfields (Afghanistan).
  5. Troops upon their return home face an upwards of 9.1% unemployment rate, reasonably putting them squarely on the side of the 99%.
  6. Efficient, low-tech weaponry is available to counter police tactics. (Stifiling tear gas canisters, wearing sealed swim goggles and face masks to protests to protect against tear gas attacks—among other tactics.)

As for the Pluto in Capricorn regime, their advantages are very formidable.:
  1. They have near-limitless resources (money, firepower) to quash rebellion.
  2. They can use classic, proven tactics, such as what occurred during the Haymarket affair, to turn public opinion against change and revolt. (And they did; see here.)
  3. They can create or alter laws to generate a more massive incarceration of larger numbers of people considered a threat and bypass due process of the law in doing so by labeling civillians as terrorists or enemy combatants.
But in the meantime, as Herbst states, "So, during the nine months from September 2011 through May 2012, we are betwixt and between, moving steadily away from denial and toward the reckoning with breakdown and revolution." No, this is not 'critical mass' yetthat doesn’t initially occur until June 2012, and then amplifies, morphs, and shifts over the three years that will follow, until it reaches tidal wave proportions around the globe by 2016."

Funny Herbst should mention 2016. That's where the trans-Neptunian object called Eris comes in to wreak her havoc. Uranus will conjoin Eris in early June 2016 at 23 Aries, forming a nice little T-square to the US Pluto-Mercury opposition in the Sibly horoscope of the USA (7/4/1776, Philadelphia, PA, 5:10 pm). The Uranus-Eris conjunction will also quincunx Neptune:

U.S. Sibley Chart Planetary Positions
All of this will be discussed in a future post here entitled "Lookout America! Eris is Coming!"  where all the TNOs will be superimposed by natal and transit with the US Sibley chart and analyzed in relation to the revolution and Uranus-Pluto square.

Pt.1 Anarchy, the Astrology of Uranus Square Pluto, and the Aftereffects of Occupy Wall Street: Part I: What Happened--the OWS Event Chart

Part I: What Happened--the OWS Event Chart

This will intersperse the OWS Event Chart with the Mundane analysis in Bill Herbst's commentary  to again underscore the microscopic view available in an event chart in addition to the broad mundane view Herbst presents.

Part I--What Happened: The OWS Event Chart

The dispositors in the OWS event chart show exactly who's in charge and eventually who prevails in the specific situation. Bloomberg and Wall Street and their cronies representing the 1% are symbolized by Venus in Rulership in Libra in the 10th house of power. The exalted Moon disposits to the 1%'s Venus. Pluto/the protesters disposits to Saturn, which disposits to Venus/the 1%. Notably, Mars disposits the Moon, the protesters' co-ruler, which disposits to Venus/the 1%. That's a pretty tough hand to beat.

To top it all off, the signature of the chart is a T-square involving Uranus-Pluto-Venus, with the outlet leg in the 8th house of the financial services world. Security, power, money and disruption are all front and center in the chart.

The Pluto protesters are intercepted in the 2nd house (Pluto's detriment) of individual/personal finance with Jupiter retrograding back to trine them and give them a huge boost through youthful enthusiam and idealism, not to mention the generosity of others (donations, etc.). The Moon ruled the sequence of events in addition to the aspects occurring to Venus/1% and Pluto/Protestors. So what happend based on the activity in the chart, particularly the Moon's aspects?

The first phase or sequence is bracketed in red above. This is where the protesters got their publicity (Moon septile Uranus and trine Sun) after being ignored for much of the first two weeks of the movement. It also drew in unions and many other groups sympathetic to the cause. Then the Sun sesq. Jupiter, creating a friction, enhanced by the Moon parallel to Mars, which was the first attempt of the 1% to take action by planning to clear the park under the guise of cleaning (Sun in Virgo; Jupiter in the 6th house where it is in detriment). Additionally, the Moon paralleled Mars, showing the overzealousness of the police.

After the park cleaning debacle, Venus then biquintiled retrograde Jupiter in the 6th (dispositing to Venus), showing that as long as the day-to-day business operations of the 1% weren't affected, such as shutting down the NYSE, bridges, strikes, etc., the group would be somewhat tolerated. Not to mention, the whole world was watching.

Then the Moon squared Neptune, and the third and final phase began (blue bracket). After the massive marches, the Oakland eruptions, and the Nov. 5th "Move Your Money" successes (Moon biquintile Pluto in the 2nd house of personal finance), Neptune, ruler of the 4th house of endings and completions, went direct and the momentum of OWS clearly began to dissipate, emphasizing the square.

So Herbst's assessment that OWS was just a bunch of people standing around bitching is categorically unfair. OWS can easily take credit for two important actions: uniting large portions of the populace via the "We Are the 99%" campaign to participate in the need for change, despite the incorrect assumptions that the protesters didn't have a clear message, and getting people to switch from banks to credit unions. That's hitting the 1% where it hurts, because it directly affects the bottom line of the banks. People saw they COULD get a financial conglomerate like Bank of America to back off the debit fees without having to blow up a building or overthrow the government to do it. And can do it again in the future. It also is spurring offshoot movements, like Occupy Foreclosures.

Finally, with the Moon sextile Mars (ruler of the police) in fall at the dead degree of Cancer and intercepted in the 8th, the end came with the swift punishment of shock and awe (Uranus in Aries in the 4th). OWS and other camps across the country were raided in the middle of the night (Mars intercepted in the 8th) with full military protocol (Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Cap/the protesters). As Adbusters editor and OWS founding organizer Kalle Lasn stated in the WashingtonPost:

"Bloomberg’s raid was carried out with military precision. The surprise attack began at 1 a.m. with a media blackout. The encampment was surrounded by riot police, credentialed mainstream journalists who tried to enter were pushed back or arrested, and the airspace was closed to news helicopters. What happened next was a blur of tear gas; a bulldozer; confiscation or destruction of everything in the park, including 5,000 books; upward of 150 arrests; and the deployment of a Long Range Acoustic Device, the infamous “sound cannon” best known for its military use in Iraq."

Thus putting the exclamation point on the Moon-Mars sextile before the Moon went void of course, bringing OWS to a close. But that's all 20/20 hindsight. Let's look at the upcoming transits to see what's going to happen.

OWS was only the opening salvo of the first of seven passes of the Uranus-Pluto square from 2012-2015. You ain't seen nothing yet.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Horary Repeats Itself Via Transits

Just because a horary question is posed does not mean the issue inquired about resolves itself immediately upon being answered. Life has to play itself out, and so does the chart. This is where using transits in horary is invaluable, because you can see when the "nerve" will be struck next.

In the example below, the inner chart is the original horary question about whether a woman would keep her job, as she was having problems with her boss.

Jupiter, representing the querent, recently was squared by Mars to inflame the matter, and Mercury (the boss) is quindecile Jupiter/the querent, causing the querent to stress and obsess over what to do. The boss/Mercury is separating from Sun combustion, and is in skitzy Libra. The Moon, co-ruling the querent is separating from a sextile to Pluto, and sitting right on the Pluto-Jupiter midpoint, so the querent should hang tough and weather the intensity of the storm, as she'd come out okay.

So the querent hung tough--until a month later when the transiting Sun opposed her ruler in Chart 1 (original horary question), prompting another horary question about the same matter, Chart 2 (outer wheel).

In the 2nd chart (by itself, below), note the early degree rising again--the matter has a long way to go until resolution.

The Moon-Uranus conjunction is showing the antsyness and restlessnes on the querent's part to overthrow the boss' chains (Lilith opposing Saturn). The querent is exalted Saturn so overly-dignified in strength as to be laughable. It is semi-squaring Venus, her boss, again, showing the friction in addition to the Sun-Jupiter opposition by transit from Chart 1. But this time, clearly the querent has more power than she believes, and demonstrated such at an event a few days later where she received much acclaim for her participation. The boss/Venus in the 2nd chart is now in Sadge, and more favorable toward the querent after the successful event.

But what of extremely exalted and powerful Saturn at Spica ruling the early degree ASC? A new job opportunity presented itself to the querent, giving her the chance to change her circumstances in her job--on her terms. By weathering the Jupiter storm in the first chart, opportunity presented itself in the 2nd. (In chart 2, note the late degrees of the Moon, it's dispositor Neptune, and Mars, ruler of the 4th, showing the ending of this position and the likely new beginning--0 degrees Capricorn ASC--as the beginning of something better. As in the querent having more control over her fate, rather than being at the whims of a scattered boss.)