Friday, October 14, 2011

The Astrology of Occupy Wall Street

DISCLOSURE: I am a former subscriber and current reader of Adbusters, the organization that is the impetus behind the Occupy Wall Street movement. I wholly and completely support the protesters.
The Occupy Wall Street protest movement began on 9/17/2011 at 12PM EDT in New York City. The event chart looks like this:

This article will focus on three specific areas in relation to the OWS event chart: 1) The Players 2) The Action and 3) Likely Outcomes. An in-depth interpretation of the above chart will be published here shortly.
As far as chart significators are concerned:

Pluto rules the Scorpio Ascendant of the protesters; a perfect description of the plutocracy they are fighting against. Venus rules the 7th house of open enemies, a.k.a. the Wall Street brokers, bankers, and others of their ilk. The Moon is co-ruler of the protesters and also rules the public/public opinion. Saturn rules the government. The 10th house rules the institutions of power, both government and business.
Most interesting is the claim in the media that the protesters don't have a clear message (Neptune retrograde in the 3rd). This is where the importance of asteroids comes in: Vesta in Aquarius in the 3rd dispositing to Venus in the 10th, opposing Uranus, Vesta's primary dispositor shows that the message couldn't be more than obvious--it's that the powers that be don't care to hear it. As the Seattle alt-weekly newspaper,
The Stranger, so succinctly put it:
"The protesters don't have a clear message...? Really? Are you fucking stupid? The protest is the message. Incomes are down. Unemployment is up. Bailouts and bonuses have stretched the gap between rich and poor to its widest since the Gilded Age. And the 99 Percent are pissed. Fix it or get out of the way. What could possibly be unclear about that?"  (The Stranger, Oct. 12, 2011, p.7)
More to come. (Be sure to check out for an excellent article about the movement.)

Meanwhile, as explained in the book Open Source Modern Horary Astrology, midpoint trees can be used instead of event or horary charts like the one above. The Occupy Wall Street 90-degree midpoint tree for the same data above is as follows:

(Click on Midpoint Tree to enlarge)

Look at that Venus picture. Free and clear. No problems and no worries for Wall Street. Completely in control as they bathe in business as usual.

Look at the ASC, Moon and Pluto for the Protest movement. An uphill battle in the following areas:

PL=Juno/Ceres         Undermining personal security
PL=Saturn/Ceres      Government compliance in undermining of personal security.

ASC=Ceres/Mars     Fight for personal security
ASC=Pluto/Saturn    Fighting the establishment of entrenched power, specifically the government compliance w/Wall St.

ASC=Pluto/Juno       Political corruption
ASC=Sun/Pallas      Strategic problems

Moon=Uranus/Vertex    Independent movement with no centralized leadership can be difficult to rally behind to create a critcal mass point.

Moon=Mercury/Pallas   Problems with messaging strategies to the wider public.